2008 August 13 15:02:35 BST Hunting Drug Data World Wide!

Hi all – I’ve just received the message from a friend in South Africa – I thought it would interest you all:

Subject: NICE

Hi Greg,

We may have trouble in South Africa, but at least we don’t have NICE. My sympathies to all kidney cancer patients in the UK. Sometimes I pretend I’m not a Brit!!


I have spent most of this afternoon tracking down lists of Countries in the third world where Sutent, Nexavar, Torisel & Avastin. Trying to get details from Pfizer was staggeringly difficult & the switchboard was almost obstructive but the music wasn’t too bad as one waited for yet another staff member on a voice mail! Eventually they promised to send me the details by eMail by 5.30 – it is gone 18.00hrs. and no eMail!

Bayer were difficult but not really their fault as they pull out all plugs at 5pm. So I rang Bayer Germany who were great, switchboard and each person I spoke to was at least bilingual and did all they could to help, eventually I was given the direct line of their international marketing director in the USA & he was very VERY helpfull and has provided help and loads more in the future!

I’ll have to try Avastin & Torisel tomorrow.

Any help would be appreciated. The ‘YOURS’ story/coverage is doing well and thanks to those who have sent photos any more would still be welcome.

Regards, Greg L-W.

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