2008 January 12 22:48:52 GMT intro!


this is a great new facility making using this web site far easier for the bloggers and would be bloggers on the site.

I just never seem to find the hours in the day for the commitment to a blog, with an incoming L_O_A_D of eMails a day endless phone calls, a number of Forums and loading info on web sites – the time for blogging seems never to materialise.

That said: One never knows what the future will bring.

Most of the details and contact data for me can be accessed at : User: Greg L-W. where you can also follow links for more information to info such as Greg L-W. – Medical Cancer Diary

IF YOU have any problems operating the site do give me a shout though if it is VERY technical you need Andy! Me TechNoCrass!

I look forward to reading your blogs.


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