And the next drug comes along -Afinitor(aka Everolimus/RAD001)

How many times have I said to people at the PCT’s and asorted Medicines Managers and Health Economics bods that one of the reasons why patients want every single extra day of life that is available to them by being able to get their hands on new drugs, is that you never know what is round the corner – how true that is with Kidney Cancer ….. we know all about Everolimus from it’s clinical trials which have had good results but now the F D A in the States are going to fast track the drug – it will be marketed as Afinitor. This article has just been released in the Pharma Times …………………..

The Swiss drugmaker notes that the drug, which is also known as RAD001 and will be marketed as Afinitor, has been granted priority review by the US Food and Drug Administration, based on the drug’s potential to become the first therapy to demonstrate significant benefit in patients with advanced kidney cancer after failure of standard treatment. Fast-track status is granted to therapies that could potentially fill a currently unmet medical need and accelerates the standard review timing from ten to six months.

Novartis has also filed marketing authorisation applications for RAD001 with the European Medicines Agency and the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. The submissions are based on data from the RECORD-1 trial presented in May at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting which show that after failure of standard treatment in patients with advanced kidney cancer, RAD001 more than doubled time without tumour growth and reduced the risk of disease progression by 70%.

Alessandro Riva, global head of development at Novartis Oncology, said that “currently, patients with advanced kidney cancer who have experienced treatment failure with standard therapies have limited options.” He added that “the priority review designation for RAD001 brings us one step closer to offering these patients a promising new therapy”.

Everolimus is a once-daily, oral therapy that inhibits the mTOR protein, which plays a key role in regulating tumour cell division and the growth of blood vessels in cancer cells. Novartis believes that the compound also has the potential to benefit patients with a variety of cancers, including neuroendocrine, breast, gastric and lung.

So thats yet another reason why these newly emrging drugs MUST be funded by the NHS.

When will these poeple listen to the Researchers and the Clinicians and the Patients?

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  1. AndyThomas September 9, 2008 10:12 pm

    Frustrating to think that the battle for this drug may have to begin. Why oh why should people be forced into this position.

    let’s hope common sense prevails !

  2. Greg Lance-Watkins September 16, 2008 7:20 pm


    For details on this drug I suggest you start from:

    It seems to have more different names than one would expect but the details can be tracked through the KCR web site and it is to be hoped that anyone tracking more relevant details will assist by posting the material on

    The central record will help everyone. It can also be discussed in the linked Forum on the KCR site with clear referrence back to the data.

    Greg L-W.

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