Coming to Terms!

This was written as a followup on the KCR site on 8th September, 08.

I pretty much had a non-weekend last weekend, and it was a 3-day weekend, and pretty much wasted on me. Spent my time right here, delving for more information, and frightening myself. I was then talking to someone at work, about it being the not really knowing, was the hard part, and they suggested I go back to my own Dr, to just chat, and ask for more information from the report.

So on Thursday, I went back to see him, and he even gave me a copy of the Ultrasound and CT Scan reports. He said that the way the report reads, it is pretty conclusive that it is RCC, but that the good news is that it is contained within the Kidney. The spleen, adrenals, pancreas, lung bases are clean, and no vascular invasion. . There is however a 7mm liver lesion, which verbatim says ‘ may represent an hemangioma although metastases cannot be excluded. An MRI may be useful for further assessment’.

The Dr said they would chase up for my referral appointment, and I now have that, next Friday 12th September, at 2:10pm. I have been told by the Dr’s office that this is just a consultation with the surgeon, where I come in for the appointment and go home afterwards. It was almost amusing the way the lady spoke to me, but they must get people who almost think that this is your OR date, and need it spelled out to them. It is a stressful time.

I am doing better psychologically, but still have my moments where crying is the only way to deal with how frightening all this is. Other times, I am so in control, and planning for not being at work, making sure that everything is in place so that I do get some money while I am off. I have put the wheels in motion to upgrade my medical health insurance to Enhanced, which will cover 100% of any prescriptions. I had looked into who helps when your medical cover does not cover enough, and have found a man who can. So really thinking of the practical things, so save any panic later.

My husband and I have talked and talked through what is ahead of us, and I think accepting that the surgey is inevitable has been a big help. We are now dealing with practicalites – like a half door on the bedroom, that give the cats access, but will keep our 2 dogs out. Currently, our two dogs live a life of luxury, but have a tough lesson ahead, but I don’t want to keep the cats out, as they will be comforting to have next to me.

My sister in Toronto has arranged for us to visit her for Thanksgiving 10th – 13th October, so sadly one of my questions to the surgeon will be, can we do this on the 14th? but as the Dr’s office said, he ultimately decides how quickly the surgery has to be done, and I may have to forget going away at all.

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