Surgery Date is Set!

I got the call today, and surgery is set for 20th October.  The Hospital will telephone me with the time I need to be there. 

They faxed through a medical note (on the Urologists Letterhead) to Human Resources, stating that recovery is expected to be 8-12 weeks.  I am assuming the 12 weeks is if becomes a radical nephrectomy, as opposed to laparascopic nephrectomy.

I now have to get on with life until then, including visiting my sister in Toronto for Thanksgiving.. we are leaving 10th October and returning on the Monday 13th October.  I want to look forward to the trip, and try not to have this overpowering everything I do. It is just over 2 weeks since I was initially told what they suspected, and 4 days since it was confirmed.. I suppose this must be normal to still be dwelling on it.

I also received a huge envelope of booklets from the Canadian Cancer Society, which I have not had a chance to browse through yet.

In discussing this with Jerry, we will no doubt go down to Halifax on the Sunday, and stay over in the Point Pleasant Lodge, which is just over the road from the Hospital, and has special rates for family and patients.  Then we are there ready for the Monday, ready for what we have to face.

We have a real issue with the fact that any time off Jerry has, he will not be earning, and I will be on Medical leave, which I will have to wait at least 2 weeks for any money to come through, maybe longer.  Of course any journeys Jerry makes to Halifax in a Truck that guzzles the gas (petrol) almost eats up any money he will earn in order to drive back and forth.  So a catch-22 situation.

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  1. aggie September 21, 2008 10:31 pm

    You sound in great spirits! I too just found out I have a 2.8 cm mass on my right kidney. My surgery date is also October 20th! Can’t wait to have it taken out and move on with my life. They say I will be able to conceive a baby by the spring. Hoping and praying it wont spread. Best of luck to you and enjoy your trip!

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