The Debate Hits Any Questions On Radio 4 Today………

I’ve managed to record the salient bit of the program today for those of you who missed it, clearly you can still get it on BBC iPlayer over the next week however I thought I’d take a recording anyway.

Radio 4 Any Questions

Sorry for some of the background noise, but the quality should be good

The action we all took by demonstrating at NICE has clearly hit the sweet spot and at last it’s in the public domain. Do I agree with what the panelists were talking about? … Difficult to say really. I like the idea of co-payment, I like the idea that people (like myself) who can afford to pay for a visit to the GP should pay for example. I can however see the other side of the argument that Tony Ben was alluding to i.e. that this could be the thin end of the wedge and suddenly we’d be sliding down the slippery slope of means testing… where should we draw the lines?

For me it should be judged on a case by case basis, we’re not talking here of a bit of flu or an infection that requires a few antibiotics. I think that this is where the problem lies, all these conversations are trying to generalise it. How can you? It would make more sense to yes, make people pay for prescriptions and GP visits, it’s pretty easy to asses, we seem very able to do that for things such as income support …. wouldn’t that be the best and simplest dividing line?  Why make it complicated?

Anyway, I’ve got no wish to upset anyone with my views as they’re not based on anything other than my thought process’ after listening to the debate today.  I do however think, as I said in my last blog, that these are hard arguments to come back on… but I’m sure we can do it.

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