Where am I now?

This weekend was nearly proving to be another non-weekend.. but some of that with using Hurricane Hanna’s tail end might have been an issue. 

It might help if I say here that we live in a house in town (Port Hawkesbury), but we recently bought a house in Melford about 20 minutes out of town with 5 acres of land. We are going to be working on it, and aim to move in next Spring if not before. Of course that was before the latest news, which probably means it will defnitely be next Spring.

On the basis that today it was going to rain a lot, and we were going to stay home yesterday, and then go up to the other house today, so we had our Sunday Roast yesterday. So having watched the Grand Prix at Spa (big fan, excellent race btw) first thing, we then went up to the house.. and I painted a pretend brick wall a strange darker shade of green, and the other three walls a lighter green.. and feel much better for achieveing that.. as in completing it.  Jerry was continuing his work on  the wood floors, which is proving quite hard to get down to the wood.  All this gives us a sense of normality if nothing else. Having said that I aquired a muscle pain in my right thigh, and found that my leg almost gave way under me putting weight on it sometimes.  And it doesn’t seem to be going away, but this task here does not require standing, so I am quite fine.

Finding the Kidney Cancer Resource site and forum, and the Kidney Cancer Canada site and forum have been a great help to me. Being able to read about the challenges other people have been through, and the support they can give when you are just coming to terms with it all is pretty up there for me right now.

I have been spending time finding out about what may be ahead of me, checking out who my consultant (Dr Joseph Lawen) in Halifax is, what he specialises in – Transplantation and Laparascopic Surgery. I have been given the name of an Oncolgist there in Halifax too, even been told what sort of questions to ask, and if he doesn’t have the answer, to ask for a referral to the Oncologist.

I also keep re-reading my reports, and try to see the positive side of things, the fact that by all accounts it is contained withing the Right Kidney, and has not spread.  I think it all hangs on this 7mm something on the liver being totally unrelated.

So this week, will be the count down to Friday’s appointment.  We drive a truck, which will guzzle two tank fulls of gas going to Halifax and back, so we are going to hire a small car for the day, even with the hire cost, it will save us money.

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  1. AndyThomas September 8, 2008 1:13 am

    Hi Gemma

    I remember feeling exactly the same way about my reports before my op. The sense that “No news was good news” etc. I was comforted by the fact that the pre op scans were not conclusive. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    Keep your chin up! and glad to see you’ve nailed the blogging thing!

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