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This was my blog started on the KCR site on 2nd September, 08

My name is Gemma Angharad Shoebridge, I am 52, am from Wales, but now live in Nova Scotia, on Cape Breton Island. I am married to Jerry, who is from Bristol, and we have been together almost 15 years. I have one sister and she lives in Toronto.

I have gone from having Pneumonia in March 2006, and it seems as a result of that have now been diagnozed with PSVT, Paroximal Supraventricular Tachycardia.. a not too serious heart Arhythmia which I now take medication for.. this was in the June/July just gone. Due to my making my oedema the main priority with my heart specialist, as if everything begins and ends with what the reading on the scales reads.. prior to final diagnosis he arranged for an Ultrasound. I had to wait a few months for that, which was a week ago, on 25th August,08, when I discovered that it was a Kidney and bladder ultrasound I was having, I suppose the drinking a litre of water before hand should have been a clue. While in the washroom (the loo), the technician disappeared and then came back after what seemed a long time, and said to save us having to drive all the way back again, she had checked with the heart specialist if he wanted them to do anything else while I was there.. so there I was having a CT scan. Everyone looked after me wonderfully, and off home we toddled, thinking they had saved us a journey back and forth to the hospital.

Following on from that, Wednesday morning, 27th August, Jerry tells me that Dr Ben.. my GP, had called the day before wanting to touch base with me. So got to work and called him, and he quietly tells me that he wants to touch base with me, to make sure that I am being taken care of, to deal with the suspected Kidney tumour – and that is how I found out what my current situation is. I was then due to go in to see him the next afternoon, but after calling Jerry to come get me, so I could tell him, I then called the Dr’s office again, to say I had to see him that day. Subsequently I had the report read to me.. that there is a large solid mass on my right kidney, and a 7mm something on my liver. He had unfortunately thought that I had seen the specialist on Monday, and didn’t realise that he dropped the bomb over the phone.

So now I have been referred to Halifax, and have 2-3 weeks to wait for that appointment. Having really told everyone that needed to know, except my mother in Wales who is 84, and don’t really want to tell her until I have a definitive answer. 

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