PLEASE READ The Times article on co payment in the NHS whichcan be found at:
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http://www.kidneycancerresource.com/ind … _04-Nov-08

There is a huge danger here – Yes it may be great news that YOU can fund your own drugs if the NHS abrogates onm its duty and selects YOU for EUthenasia but in the hands of a Government which since Gordon Brown took over responsibility for Britain’s finances has incurred debt at the rate of £9,111 per second 24 hours a day and is personally directly responsible for Britain’s exposure to the so called credit crunch as a result of permitting Banks to buy junk paper from America as sordid self seeking gamblers.

Do remember this is the man who incurred £2TRILLION of debt which counted at £1 a second will take 63,000 years to count.

Perhaps I am a tad sceptical when the BBC under his control pays imbecillic and irresponsible foul mouthed children £16,000 a day on £18Million contracts – no wonder it is convenient to kill people as his Government’s policy rather than pay for the drugs.

I believe, based on the duplicity and corruption of our politicians and the FACT that they are paying huge amounts to N.I.C.E. & P.C.Ts. etc. to hide the Governments corruption rather than fund treatment & drugs, there is every reason to believe that They will shortly open Harold Shipman Wards in NHS Hospitals for those they intend to kill UNLESS you pay for your own drugs!

This is the thin end of a very evil wedge – don’t hold out ANY hope the opposition will speak out – Theresa May last week when picking the opposition choice for a HoC debate whilst credit collapses, unemployment spirals out of control, bankruptcys burgeon, and a currency crash tsunami is imminent chose THE most important subject the Tories could think of: ‘Did the BBC handle the Jonathan Ross affair competently’ Frankly Theresa that may be the most important event the Tories are capable of handling but frankly who gives a ****!

I support EUthenasia by choice I Totally Repudiate State Murder!

Greg L-W.

Do by all means send copies of this to your MEP; MP; Councillors; National & Local Meeeeja over your signature or mine – they may phone me for comment on 01291 – 62 65 62


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