Zipper being removed!

This past Friday I went to see my own Doctor, as it was almost 2 whole weeks since my surgery.  He was very happy with how my scars all looked, and then asked me to go to get more blood work done, and and ECG.  He then sent me to see his nurse, to have the staples removed!

Apparently they do not agree with taking all the staples out in one session, so it was a case of taking every other one out, and there is a round dozen left to be removed.  I kept being told it was not painful to have them removed, and I will say it was just a pinch I felt as they were taken out, but was when I realized that I had not taken any pain meds that morning, which would have taken the edge off it.  I was told quite firmly by the nurse, that pain meds are not addictive, and that there was no need to be that brave.

My Dr had not received any reports back from the hospital, so it will not doubt be this coming week before he gets the Pathology results back. I am eager to get what all the Dr’s at the hospital suspect, is that the tumour was confined and had not spread.

On Saturday, I went to the local hospital to have the bloods taken (essentially to get the Creatinine level) and the ECG, to see how my heart is doing after having half the Cardiac Ablation done before the Kidney surgery.

My aim is to get the Cardiac Ablation completed before I return to work, and hoping that Urology and Cardiology with cooridinate to make it easier to get it done in one trip to Halifax, to avoid having to do the journey twice.

My strength is improving every day, but I do go to bed to rest for an hour or two every afternoon, and I do usually sleep.

My sister who came down from Toronto on 19th October, the day before the surgey’s original schedule, finally went home on Saturday after 3 weeks. My Mum arrived from the UK on Thursday to stay for 3 weeks to take care of me, so I am in good hands.

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