To the Future!

I am now almost 8 weeks post surgery, and doing really well I think. I am planning on going back to work in the New Year, as no one thinks it makes sense to go back just before the holiday.

A few weeks ago I went to see my Urologist - Dr Lawen, and he was finally able to give me my pathology results.. the tumour was 3.5cm, a T1, and margins were all clear, the tumour itself was at stage 2, but it is now out, so I like to think that it is irrelevant.

We are taking life one day at a time, trying to now return to focus on the things we were thinking about before all this happened.. like decorating our other house. Last Wednesday we went there to strip wall paper and some painting.. but then the snow really started coming down, and I don’t think the ploughs were prepared, so we headed back to town following a very slow truck.. which was the safest bet. I wasn’t going to be one of the lunatics that were overtaking in the storm into blinding snow.

I had read that keeping a journal was a useful/helpful thing to do, so my husband Jerry bought me one, and I have started. The aim is not to write in it every day, but to just note important things in there.

I am now waiting for my scan in January that will take another look at the lesion on the Liver, and not really thinking about it much, as I don’t have a date yet. I am also trying the method where you allow yourself to only think about the (Kidney) Cancer for a set period every day, and I find that some days I don’t think about it intentionally, it is usually something triggers to make me think of it.

I want to now focus on getting on with my life, and that this was just something that happened and it is now over.

Having said that, I do feel grateful that I had good news, and feel that I must look to help others in some way.

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