Well , I’m not sure what happened to the bit of  explanation  I wrote to go with my Porthtowan photo, but wherever it is – it isn’t here on the page with the photo !! Must try harder.

What I tried to say when I put the photo up was that this morning’s sky should never have happened. My little house looks out over the beach facing north west – ergo – the sunrises in the East so why did Mother Nature decide to put the sunrise colours in the sunset place? Why did we get the most wonderful sunrise colours in the early morning at 8 am  in the north west??  My logic tells me it  is something to do with refracted light or some such explanation , but I much prefer the romantic explanation; that it’s a new way of looking at things?? start of a new year and all that!

I was so pleased to see Lizzy on the blog this morning, just when I had decided that I must try to do it more often – because there is so much going on and sometimes you just want to get it off your chest. 

The new support website should be going live soon – I hope people will find it fills a hole – everyone says that they want to get together and  help other patients – again such co-incidence that Lizzy should also say this… Jane  has also said it in her blog – so when the site goes live it will be great to see people able to find others who live close by to find friendship and  just to be able to talk freely to someone else who understands the never-ending roller coaster that you are on once you have been diagnosed with KC.

I am so fortunate, the world could have been so different had it not been for one super conscientious radiographer who decided to look a little more closely at a scan. What made her look at an area that wasn’t even being scanned? I do not know, but I am sure glad she did .  and here I am 5 years later, minus a kidney, adrenals and a rib or two  but still very much alive and kicking, some night say too much kicking !!

I’m  being bullied by the  dogs now  so it’s off up the cliffs for a dog walk now – its very cold here – time to break out the ear muffs!

Rose W

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