Update from Nova Scotia

Well here I am 5 months on from quite a saga in Cardiology this past January.  I had a recent followup abdominal CT scan which came back clean, and feel entitled to feel well.  I am have also had a recent blood work, which I am waiting the results on, as my last Creatinine result was from January at 114, and have no idea how I am doing now.

Apart from a bit of a dip emotionally for a few months for no particular reason, I have been fine, however that dip drove me to the Cancer Society’s Cancer Connection, where they match you with a peer who has experienced the same. That proved a good thing, as that was support just when I needed it. I was also involved in the Relay for Life here in town, and was in the Survivors Dinner, and the Survivors walk, as well as part of my company team.  I met someone who had also had their right kidney out.. and it was during the Survivors walk.. and you know how people never ask you directly about your cancer, they just know you had it and don’t really want to ask.. but this lady came straight out and asked.. and she had had the same, with some further cancer elsewhere.  But as we walked we hugged each other, and felt we had been fated to meet all our lives.. it is rare to find someone with kidney cancer, so we feel we have found a new friend in each other.

The peer I speak to has suggested that from here on I should just get an annual organ scan to make sure that it has not popped back somewhere else, so that you can get on with life in between. This lady had her right kidney out when she was pregnant 18 years ago, was told she may lost the baby, however with breaking a rib to get the kidney out, the baby, her son graduated this year.  She is an inspiration to me that I can survive.

So life goes on, and am coming up to my first anniversary of the diagnosis in August, and this past year has been quite a whirlwind, and almost feeling that I can now get on with the rest of my life.

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This post was written by Gemma A.S. on June 26, 2009