What is it with some English Hotels, I went to do a talk to a the training day NHS Cancer Registry staff on Thursday in Bristol, we had to stay overnight because it’s just about 200 miles from Cornwall and I needed to be there for 9.00 so they booked a hotel for me … well I thought to myself – it will raise awareness of the work the James Whale Fund is doing for Kidney Cancer and it will only be a couple of days out of life so I’ll do it. But my goodness what a dire Hotel. I’m not a houseproud person but even I draw the line when the dust is so thick it changes the colour of the carpets and blinds!!!!

Do the people who own these places go blind within a year of buying a Hotel ? – how can they not see the state of the place. I had no option but to stay and in the end we had to laugh, one of the other people said it was like Faulty Towers and he he was waiting for Manuel to come on duty. Ho Hum.

Going away isn’t too bad if at least you can stay somewhere reasonable overnight !!!

Cancer Registry’s by the way are part of the the NHS; they collate all the coding documents from Hospital Clinics, surgeons, scans, MDT’s then they input every detail of data about individual cancer treatments so that we can get accurate stats about cancer numbers, survival rates, prevelance, geographical variations, staging, male or female/ cancer types/ dates/name of hospital/type of operations/type of scans ……everything that is needed to see what is happening within each type of cancer so next time you read a figure about the number of cases of Kidney Cancer the information will have been collected from all the Cancer registries around the UK.

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