A Toad on a Box of Matches……

That’s it, after this weekend’s efforts I’m looking to buy a “Classic Style Cross Country Ski Machine”.  I entered myself into a four hour endurance race which basically meant going round the Hillingdon Cycle track as many times as possible in four hours. 

I managed about 22k in just over 3 hours and then had to stop before my foot arches fell though the skis and scraped on the tarmac, they were agony!  To put things into perspective the winners of the event managed over 100k in that time (102k to be precise).  Now, I can make excuses about how I’m just a beginner, they were using the skating style and I was using the much slower classic style, my skis are training skis designed to go slow, yada yada yada, but the long and short of it is I still look like a toad on a box of matches and I expend way too much energy just trying to keep upright.

So, I’m looking on e-bay for a Nordictrac Ski Machine, and boy are they rare items.  I’m not even sure you can buy them new anymore, they seem to have been superseded by these elliptical trainer things which are no use to me because what I really want is something that emulates the ski style as best as possible.

Dear friends, if you know of anyone who’s got one of these things and it’s just collecting dust in their garage, basement , or wherever, then I may be your man… I can take it off your hands, and the chances are it can then collect dust in my garage (or shed in our case).

90k by March ….. Simples! (or to coin a phrase from “The Royals” …90k by March “My Ar*e”!

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