A Whale in Wales? and Rolling Stones?……. Whatever next!

There’s lots of activity at the moment on the Kidney Cancer front, and it’s such a pleasure to see the momentum picking up.  Here’s a few highlights …..

  • Clive Stone is “rolling” out his campaign again for the new drugs to be made available.  Please, please all you Kidney Cancer patients/families/friends respond to Clive’s request at this link.  Thanks to Clive’s efforts we had enormous success last year when we all campaigned outside the NICE HQ in London, so lets see if we can do it again!
  • James Whale will be hosting and event in Wales, Swansea at the Dragon Hotel on 21st November– “Whale in Wales” I suppose you could brand it.  This sounds like a great night out, if you want more information then check out this link.  As I’ve said before these evenings are always great fun.  If you’ve ever had anything to do with James before then you’ll know he’s not exactly backwards in coming forwards which always adds an extra spark to any event.
  • On top of this a lot of work is going on in the background leading up to the Kidney Cancer Patients Day on 18th November.  Make sure you all sign up to this, it’s the day after my birthday and I’ll be deeply offended if you don’t come along !

On a personal front it’s been one of those weeks where I appear to be doing nothing and yet there is so much going on I hardly know where to start.  A definite feeling of spinning my wheels.

Work’s in complete turmoil as we wait patiently to discover whether we’ve got jobs or not, motivation is down on a grand scale, and they’ve set the date to mid/end of November to decide our fate.  This date has slipped twice so far, so you can only imagine just how much people’s sensitivities have risen.

Another thing that’s been praying on my mind is that my Father’s also due to go into hospital next week for an operation so I’m going to have to figure out a way of getting up to Yorkshire to see him.  He’s having a pretty rough time at the moment with one thing and another, just wish we lived closer.

Lately I’ve found myself focusing more and more on things I can control in my life rather than things I can’t (probably a good thing).  So, to that end at least I have a plan in place if I’m made redundant.  My plan is to take a year out and focus my energies on the charity work and make sure that we make the Arch to Arc a success the first year round.

Also I want to be able to help The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer out as much as I can on the IT front to help build the brand.  As a starting point I had a great night out with Paul Fox of Fonda on Monday to talk about all things “geek”, so watch this space over the coming months.

It is a risk to take a year away from work I admit, but I think that it’s a risk worth taking, and to be honest I can’t see it looking that bad on my CV if I’m filling my time with things that are productive.  My real hope is that the time out will lead to other things as I always believe that things have a way of working themselves out as long as you don’t sit on your behind doing nothing.  I now worry more about not taking this opportunity than I do about any financial impact, if I dont take it it will be an opportunity lost.  Let’s see!

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