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Well, I’m amazed ….. I thought I’d struggle to get 5 people to come along to the Arch To Arc Cycle Ride Event next June, but it seems I was wrong.  So far 19 people have said “maybe” on the FaceBook page and 17 have said “Yes”,  plus I have another 3 or 4 people who’ve said off-line that they are coming along.  Fantastic news! 

As I’ve said before I’m going to limit this to 20 people for the fist year and then we can widen it out to bigger numbers going forward.  Why?  Well simply because we want to make sure we do it right first time and make it an event folks want to do time and time again.

So, what’s next?

First off I’ll be sending a message out to all the event attendees over the coming weeks telling them to start the fundraising now by:-

  • Giving the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer a £300 deposit by the end of the year so we can start booking hotels and ferry/rail tickets etc.  This deposit will be refundable as long as you raise the £1000 target. This will show us that everyone is truly committed to the project,  there’d be nothing worse than booking rooms and tickets etc only to find that nobody turns up.  Clearly if you’ve already raised £300 for the event then no deposit will be required as the commitment will already be there.
  • Next you’ll need to setup a VirginGiving page.  What I’ll encourage people to do is to put their £300 deposit into the VirginGiving page, this will set their targets at £1300 if they want to get the £300 back.  It’s pretty easy to setup a VirginGiving page. 
    • Goto VirginGiving
    • Click “Start FundRaising”
    • Click “Organised Event”
    • Select June 2010 as the “Event Date” and then Click “Find Event”
    • Select “Arch to Arc Cycle Ride” from the list then Click “Next”
    • Put in £1000 in your “How much are you planning to raise” (or £1300 with deposit)
    • Select “No” to “Has your Charity contributed to the cost of the event”
    • Select “Just me” in answer to the “Are you fundraising on your own or with other people?*” question (seems a bit odd given we are a team, but trust me it does odd things if you select “With others”
    • Then Select “Next” and follow the instructions from there, where you can put up a photo and description etc.

We have an overall target of £20,000 to reach, about half of which will be going on costs, the rest will go into the charity.  It’s a big target, but there is time between now and June to hit that if everyone works at it.

In the next week or 2 I’ll be working closely with the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer around the organisation. We’ll be firming up the dates and times, route, hotels, ferry etc.  We’ll also be putting together a questionnaire for all the entrants e.g. Kind of Bike, Medical Conditions, Dietary requirements, travel plans to and from the event, do you want an extra night  stopover in Paris after the ride etc, things like this.  The fine details are yet to be worked out, but my intention is that we have all of this nailed by Jan 1st  so we can all hit the fundraising and training schedules with renewed vigour at the start of 2010 … working off all that Christmas pud! 

For those of you not able to join us on the ride please give as much as you can to this event and spread the message to all your family, friends,  local newspapers (or national if you’ve got contacts).  There are very few opportunities to raise awareness for Kidney Cancer, we want to make this one count!

Please sponsor us at either VirginGiving or JustGiving 

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