James Whale Kidney Cancer Patient Day – Great!!

Well back home in Cornwall at last and catching after going up to Colchester to see my Dad straight from the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer Day in London on the 18th Nov.

What a great day – nearly 100 people !!!!! We were soooo pleased to see so many patients and carers and nurses from all over and some people travelled quite a way to be with us. But everyone said it was worth every ounce of effort and some of the comments from patients were very touching. One family who had travelled quite a way after a recent diagnosis said it had changed the way they were thinking about the disease and they felt they were not alone because they now had faces to put to names, had made friends and so they did’nt feel so alone anymore.

I just have to say the work and effort the James Whale Kidney Cancer Team put into the day was nothing short of amazing. It was a great venue; so near the underground tube station and the facilities at the Science Museum were first rate. Lunch was lovely, even allowing for my silly teeth following work in the dentist chair a few days previously, I thought the catering and the choice offered was superb, I know there were so many of us that we had to form an orderly queue for lunch but even that was useful because it gave us a chance to talk to other patients who we may not have met. I noticed a bit of nudging to get to the cakes in the afternoon and I have an endearing memory of Mr Turkentine, the Chief Executive of the James Whale Fund being stopped by so many people in the afternoon he missed the cakes and tea.. !!!

The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer fundraising stand inside the door with all the badges, Kidney cancer christmas cards and KC gifts on display, the welcome pack was so carefully thought out and the chance to sit in comfort if you needed a break was well planned. We knew there would be cancer patients at different stages of the kidney cancer journey attending and being able to relax away from the hustle of the main lecture room was a really good idea.

We had presentations from Prof Tim Eisen, Dr Paul Nathan and Dr Tom Powles and Debbie Victor the Uro/oncology nurse . A really good question and answer session, good chat and lots of hugging and air( and not so air)  kissing – whoo hoo  

So much to talk about and I know lots of people had more questions for the panel at the end which we didn’t have time to cover. For anyone who hasn’t completed their “Feedback/evaluation form” send it back to James Whale Fund   or go to our Forum at www.kidneycancersupportnetwork.co.uk  please do  send it back to us because there is the opportunity of that form to ask our speakers any questions.

I think it is important that when we do something like the Kidney Cancer Patient Day, we make it special, if we have patients & families travelling distances to be with us, then considering it is a first for many people, we have to make it worthwhile and we have to show the Healthcare professionals who came that we are serious about patients being put first and I ‘m convinced that means a good venue, good speakers, welcoming atmosphere and making sure we did the right things and gave people what they want from a day like that.

But a huge thank you to Sarah Ridge & Sharon  who put so much effort into to making the day such a success, to all our speakers, and especially fellow patients and wonderful friends Deb & Tony from Canada( we knew it would be good….. but that good !!!!) and to everyone who who joined us and made the day really memorable.

It was quite a day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing I have to say is that there  were lots of people I wished could have been with us, not to be too maudlin but we have lost a lot of lovely friends to this awful disease  this year. I said a little private Hello to many of them because I know they would have been proud of what we did that day.



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