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The time has come to ask for everyone’s commitment to the event. There are twenty (20) places available on the event and these places are fast being filled, so it’s time for the next stage!

For those of you who have not already read, there has been a slight change of the route which you can see on the James Whale Fund For Kidney Cancer web-site.  Because of the logistics we’ve added an extra day and we’ll now be travelling via Dover rather than Newhaven.  Newhaven is very restrictive as there’s only 2 ferries a day at very awkward times, and we felt it best to make it more gentle and fun event rather than feel we’re chasing ferry times too much.

If you want to help but can’t cycle then can I please ask you to donate as much as you’re able to the cause by clicking on this Link

Can I ask that each of you that are cycling with us to create a Virgin MoneyGiving page  and start your fundraising activities now. It may seem early in the game, however we are getting close to Christmas and the New Year and June will be upon us sooner than we think. To create a page, follow these instructions:

  • Goto VirginGiving
  • Click “Start FundRaising”
  • Click “Organised Event”
  • Select June 2010 as the “Event Date” and then Click “Find Event” or Search for Arch to Arc as the event name.
  • Select “Arch to Arc Cycle Ride” from the list then Click “Next” (Make sure that it’s the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer)
  • Put in £1000 in your “How much are you planning to raise”
  • Select “No” to “Has your Charity contributed to the cost of the event”
  • Select “Just me” in answer to the “Are you fundraising on your own or with other people?*” question (seems a bit odd given we are a team, but trust me it does odd things if you select “With others”
  • Then Select “Next” and follow the instructions from there, where you can put up a photo and description etc.

That should be it, from there you’re up and running and ready to start!!

Now for the official part
On January 2nd 2010 we will be asking for a £300 deposit from each rider. If you’ve already collected this amount or more on your Virgin MoneyGiving page then you wont need to send the deposit. The deposit will be used by the fund to ensure we’ve booked all the ferry, train and hotels well in advance.

There are 4 simple ways of getting the deposit to the fund:

  • The simplest way by far is to raise £300 by 2nd January 2010 on Virgin MoneyGiving, that way you don’t have to pay personally.
  • Add £300 to your Virgin MoneyGiving target (i.e. £1300) and donate directly from there. I think this is the simplest way and gets your Virgin MoneyGiving page on the way!
  • Go to the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer web-site and click on the “One-Off Donation” link on Home Page. This will take you to PayPal, follow the instructions from there.
  • Send a cheque for £300 to this address:

James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer
46-48 King Street

Once you have raised and donated a total of £1,000 from sponsors, we will return your deposit of £300 if you have paid the £300 personally. For example – if you have raised £900 in sponsorship, then you would receive £200 from your deposit. If you raised £1,000 or over, and personally paid your deposit, you would receive a full refund of £300.

If you fail to raise £1000 by the day of the event we will ask you to make up the difference between the amount you have raised through sponsorship and £1000.

Remember, you have between now and January 2nd 2010 before the deposit is due, so use this time to raise as much as you can as it may save you having to pay the deposit.

As soon as we’ve reached 20 people, with 20 pages then I will send a mail round saying that entrants are closed. So this is on a first come first served basis! (be aware that we have well over 20 people who have expressed and interest in the event). If any of the 20 backs out for whatever reason and you were unable to secure a place then we will call upon people from the reserve list.

If you’ve paid the £300 deposit personally and you have to pull out of the event before the 28th February 2010 then you will receive a full refund, after that the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Please could you also all send me your e-mail address and contact number so we can get in touch more directly as and when required. There are a number of people not on Facebook that are also coming along and it would be easier if we can do this kind of stuff via e-mail as well.

End of the official part
I will keep everyone informed via the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer Arch to Arc web-page. I’ll also be publishing progress via the KidneyCancerBloggers web-site.

That’s it for now! We have a £20,000 target to reach and we’ve already raised about £2000 of this, so now it’s your turn!

If you find any of this confusing or you have any questions then please feel free to call either myself, Nikki Grant or Sarah Ridge at the Fund on 01799 585 033.

I look forward to you taking part and good luck with the Fund Raising!!

Please sponsor us at either VirginGiving or JustGiving

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