A Bit of Clarity On My Previous Blog, I Hope ……

Well, it seems I’ve upset one or two folks in the Kidney Cancer Community who seem to think I’m suggesting that the salaries in the NHS are justified etc.  I can’t go back on the fact that I believe you pay for what you get and if we don’t pay comparable salaries, or at the very least make them competitive then we wont attract the right calibre of people that we need to sort the mess out.  Folks generally wont do it for nothing, sad fact of life.

Again, do I think we have the right people in place… probably not in all cases, however it seems that the piece we are missing is accountability.  If you don’t make people accountable for their actions then they wont care if they do a good job or a bad one.  It should have less to do with what people are paid and more about what they do for that money.

What we can’t see at the moment is a set of people in place that really care about the patients, people that appear to have any sense for what is morally right.  I’m not talking about Drs and Nurses, so please let me discount them from this.

We all have views on how the NHS could be run better if we were in charge however, for me personally I’d happily pay for managers that actually implemented strategies based on common sense, strong leadership, based on what they see around them and on the “shop floor”.  I don’t want to pay for ones that just implement what they are told to do from Whitehall (any muppet can do that).

If a decent manager could save millions by making real change (that he/she is accountable for) then why would I resent their salary? I’d be grateful that we have people in place that care, know what they’re doing and have the interests of the patients (shareholders) at heart.  What I do resent, which is what I think others do to, is the seeming gravy train of people that have no accountability and still get huge payments no matter how good or bad they are.  The current sheer waste is incredulous.

Don’t get me wrong, with idiots like Sophia Christie around who are able to spout offensive rubbish about a subject they clearly have no knowledge of then it’s fair to say we probably don’t have the right calibre of people at the helm.  She still clearly has no comprehension about the disparity around the drug approval process (more on that another time).

I can’t change my views on quality over quantity, or (to use someone else’s analogy) I’d rather pay a little extra for a real bit of cheddar that some cheap piece of rubber that falls below the mark.

So, sorry if I’ve offended, it’s not meant and I haven’t gone completely mad (not yet), I still want to see change … especially with NICE and the PCTs!

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