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Those of you who came to the James Whale Patient Day in London see  in November will have great memories of the inspiring talk from my friends Deb and Tony who came all the way from Canada to talk to us and what a talk it was !!! Everyone was staggered by their tales of fighting this disease and establishing Canada’s first Kidney Cancer Supprt organisation.

Yesterday I reveived this note from them…………

Four videos of Canadian kidney cancer patients and caregivers have just been uploaded to

These videos provide not only valuable disease specific information, but also hope and inspiration for those fighting this rare form of cancer.

KCC would like to share these videos with as many people as possible, and welcomes the opportunity to connect with your organization/blog/website through these videos or other content that you would like to share.

Here is a brief description of the videos:

Tony Clark – “Live with the disease”

Tony Clark talks about how he is living a full productive life with kidney cancer by using sequential treatment therapies. Tony is the Chair of Kidney Cancer Canada.

Deb Maskens – “Live life in the present”

Deb Maskens talks about how she is fighting stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer through participating in a clinical trial. Deb Maskens is the Vice Chair of Kidney Cancer Canada.

Karen Ross – “Live the days that you have”

Karen Ross talks about her life experiences as caregiver to kidney cancer patient and husband David Ross. Karen is also Kidney Cancer Canada’s volunteer Director for New Brunswick.

Wally Vogel – “Anatomy of hope”

Wally Vogel was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer and given only a few months to live. Because of new kidney cancer treatments becoming available Wally is alive and well today with no evidence of disease (NED).

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