Arch to Arc Cycle Ride – Training Plan and Update

I’ve been asked by a few people about the training regime they need to be following in order to complete the bike ride.  And it’s a fair question.

Well, we’ve been lucky enough to secure the support of a UK cycling magazine that have allowed us to distribute a training plan they recommend that gets people from zero to 100 miles in about 12 weeks.  So basically what I’m saying is …. There is time!!

They’ve suggested we modify the plan slightly so it fits our purposes but as it stands it’s a set of (I think) achievable goals each week with plenty of rest days.  We can’t distribute it just yet as they’ve agreed to send us copies of the whole magazine.  So be patient.

If any of you are following me on facebook you’ll see I’ve started cycling already.  Don’t think that this means you need to go hell for leather at the same pace…. I have 2 good reasons for needing to do it now rather than leaving it until later 1) I intend to cycle the route in the next couple of weeks to make sure it’s feasible, pleasant and to try and pick out some points of interest and 2) I have a 90K Cross-Country Ski marathon to try and complete in March and cycling is a great way of building up leg muscle and aerobic capacity without the impact of running.

Given it’s quite cold and dark at the moment there isn’t the desire for all of us to get the bike out of the garage, which makes it hard. My advice (for what it’s worth) is to get out when you can and just get used to being in the saddle, don’t worry too much about distance and pace at this stage (I’m not).  I always find that my first week back in the saddle consists of riding on alternative days until the saddle sore subsides (which it does I promise you).  After the first week I can then start focusing on building up the distance and speed.

If you’re a member of a gym and you don’t want to cycle on cold wet days (understandable) then spin classes are pretty good.  I may give them a go myself.  My partner (Jane) is a personal trainer so I’ll get her to see if she can put a few bits and pieces together.

Keep in mind that with the exception of day 1 from London to Dover (c.75 Miles) these are not huge daily distances.  The key will be as we get closer to June is to make sure that you go out on consecutive training days to ensure you’re capable of doing one day after another. Anyway this will all be part of the plan.

I’ll say again as I’ve said a few times, this is not a race, so we wont all be tearing off all over the place.  It’s the first time the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer has run the event and to that end this year will be a “pathfinder” which is why we’re keeping it to around 20 people.   It should be a great mix of people from all over the country and a chance to make some new friends.  We even have one person from Houston Texas flying over to ride with us!

As part of the training pack we’ll also be sending out a registration form to all the entrants so we have everyone’s details and requirements along with the terms and conditions.

And now for the really great news!  We’ve raised over 50% of the money so far, which is just incredible!   Upwards and onwards and thanks to everyone’s efforts.

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