Do we need effective drugs or more NHS managers ??

The NHS is a wonderful thing – no longer do whole sectors of our population go without treatment because they can’t afford to see a Doctor………….. But Kidney Cancer patients are still denied clinically effective drugs while the NHS managers reward themselves with huge pay rises and bonuses. In a recent article it was quoted there has been a 43 per cent rise in the costs of managers, while spending on clerical staff rose by 78 per cent at Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) And their expenditure on management consultants and temporary staff more than doubled. We wonder why the Government wastes “ludicrous and heartbreaking” sums on moving bits of paper around rather than front line services. From 2004 to 2008 the Department of Health spend on administration went from £1.43 billion to £2.14 billion – a rise of 49.5%. The total spent on managers went from £566 million to £808 million, a rise of 43% Spending on other administrative staff increased by 78 %, from £606 million to £1.07 billion. According to an analysis of the DoH figures by the Conservative Party PCT spending on outside agencies rose from £53 million to £139 million – an increase of 162 %. That is just unacceptable. Katherine Murphy, from the Patients Association, said too often the millions spent on NHS bureaucracy did little to help patients, while the systems they set up left too many worse off. “These sorts of sums are ludicrous – and especially so given the heartbreaking stories we hear all too often about patients who have been denied their most basic needs,” Mrs Murphy said. Something is very wrong when those tasked with of looking us look after their own interests first !!

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