Kidney Cancer Arch to Arc New Year Update – One Third of the Target Raised!…

Happy New Year to everyone and I’m sorry not to have written sooner, however I’ve been away in Austria on a Cross Country Skiing training week which culminated in a 42K marathon.  There are now places on my body that I didn’t know existed that ache!  But what a sport I can really recommend it if you are looking for a low impact sport that gives a full body workout.

This is all building me up to a 90K Ski Marathon this March called the Vassalopet in Sweden. I’m still not sure if I’ll be fit enough to get through it this time round, but we’ll give it a bash.  If successful (or near to) this year then I’ll do it as a sponsored event for the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer next year.

I was pleasantly shocked when I got back to see that we’ve got a couple of new riders who’ve created VirginGiving pages and even better we’ve reached 33% of the target (£20,000).  How brilliant is that!  I know we have more riders to come so this is a significant milestone.

When I think of what this money can do to help us push for greater awareness of Kidney Cancer, patient events, specific training for nurses, campaigning etc it really inspires me to do more.

We simply have to get this hideous disease on the agenda and out of the rarer cancer category.  It is the 8th most prevalent Cancer, higher than either Leukaemia or Cervical Cancer for example and yet both these have higher visibility.  Why is this?

The greater the visibility the more chance we have of getting a voice at the table when it comes to availability of treatments.  This has to change.

Anyway, off the soapbox and back the Arch to Arc Cycle ride to Paris. Half the riders have signed up now with VirginGiving pages and more are on the way.  If you are still contemplating signing up then go for it!! Entrance to the event will be closing in the next few weeks so we can focus on the organisational and fundraising aspects.  Here are the instructinos again if you need them, click on this link.

I’m still hoping to be meeting with the Fund on Friday this week (work permitting) so I’ll have a fuller update after that.

As a slight side issue one of the riders cycling friend’s is selling a couple of bikes if you feel the urge! (probably suit 5’6 – 5’10 rider).  Here are the details:

Little used size medium Planet X Carbon Pro SL (colour: Blue)

  • Veloce front & rear mech
  • Mirage 10sp shifters
  • Chorus 10sp Carbon chain set 172.5 53/39
  • Campagnolo Record square taper 102mm bottom bracket
  • Mavic Aksyium wheels black
  • Conti GP3000 700*23 tyres
  • Veloce brakes
  • FSA compact bars PLT Pro stem
  • Trans-X 31.6 carbon seat pin
  • Outland anatomic saddle

A bargain at £600!


Ambrosio: Celcius full Carbon clear coat frame: 53/54cm centre to top, 54cm top tube c-c, 135mm head tube (very good condition – only used as best bike)

  • Campagnolo Chorus brakes
  • Campagnolo Chorus 10sp Carbon shifters
  • Campagnolo Record alloy square taper 102mm bottom bracket
  • Campagnolo Record alloy chain set 172.5mm 53/39
  • Ambrosio Excellight black 28h wheels
  • Gommitalia Logosport 700/23 tyres (brand new)
  • FSA carbon seat pint 27.2MM (BRAND NEW)
  • Fizik Aliante saddle (brand new)
  • Ambrosio Inverse stem
  • FSA strada handle bars (BRAND NEW)
  • Chorus front mech
  • Centaur rear mech 10sp alloy

Also a bargain £500!

If you are interested then let me know and I’ll give you the contact details.

More news to come but keep those donations coming in!!

Please sponsor me at either VirginGiving or JustGiving

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