Patients lives or lawyers bills ??

During the period that many hundreds of kidney Cancer patients were denied life extending drugs and died prematurely ( these kidney cancer drugs are readily availanble in other parts of the world on social welfare systems) the NHS spent £ 40,000,000.00 – YES 40 MILLION POUNDS – on solicitors and legal fees to two companies for “supporting” the NHS to draft contracts about their IT programmes”. !! The answer came in response to a question by Conservative shadow health minister Stephen O’Brien about the amount spent in legal fees for drafting contracts for the National programme for NHS IT in the Health Service. Health minister Mike O’Brien responded: “Between 1 April 2002 and 31 March 2009, the total fee paid to Allen & Overy amounted to £10,309,877 and to DLA Piper UK LLP £28,864,938, although Allen & Overy ceased to advise after 2006.” You couldn’t make it up ……. If this weren’t so desperately sad and tragic and cruel for kidney cancer patients and other cancer patients denied treatment their Clinicians want to precribe, it would be laughable – who decided this money was an effective use of NHS resources ??? I just to know how and why they had to spend this amount of NHS money which should be prioritised to front line care, on legal advice. Do we not employ enough civil servents that they can give the NHS legal advice. If we don’t and heaven knows why not ,then why not go out and employ someone ? you could hire a lot of IT lawyers for £40 million. It is an unbelievable sum – made worse by the fact we don’t even have a workable It system for the NHS and this sum doesn’t include the IT itself just the lawyers for advising about it. How did someone decide this was reasonable. Someone needs to get a grip of what is going on the NHS and fast, some of the managers are out of control !!

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Am I the only person who thinks this is totally out of order?

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