Predictor of metastasis and mortality after surgery for localised Kidney Cancer….

I just read this news article and published it up on the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer rolling news.  

I’m not a medic so I always find these urotoday abstracts a bit heavy going but this one really got my attention.  I fall into this T1-T3N0M0 category and as such I’m pretty darned lucky.  With a good following wind I should be ok, however there is no adjuvant treatment beyond the surgery for this staging and grading (or at least none that I’ve been made aware of).

That’s the bugger with Kidney Cancer, chemo just doesn’t work and I always find it very frustrating when I hear people in conversations talk about cancer as if it’s one single strain that can be zapped by either chemo or radiotherapy.  Kidney Cancer is a strong old blighter.

Back to the article. Basically it sounds like this c-reactive protein can act as a predictive marker preoperatively for metastasis and mortality.  This sounds fantastic and gives the oncologists a better chance of figuring out the most appropriate follow up.  So, the questions I have (which I must remember for my next check up) are:

  • Can it work post operatively? – i.e. could I get this test done now? Or is it too late now the cancer is out of my body?
  • If I could have the test done and it turned out that I do look susceptible to mets then what would be the treatment (if any)

I find it immensely clever that they are able to discover this kind of stuff and with any luck things like this bring us a step closer to real treatments for this disease, adjuvant or not.  Keep them coming!

I’ve always held for me personally that I’m a little nervous that I only have an annual check-up and that I never have a CT Scan as part of this, not even an ultra sound on the remaining kidney … it’s always made me jittery.  Having said that I’m a total whimp about going near Dr’s anyway so to that extent I’m grateful.  I’m learning to just trust the Docs, I know I have a good team and therefore I have to trust them.  However tests like this c-reactive protein would have given me a little more comfort (or greater information).

I’m not totally sure what I’m saying here other than I wish I could turn the clock back and have this test done pre-op just so I know one way or another.  Lets hope it’s something that can benefit others going forward.  I dont know how widespread this is yet but I guess it would be worth asking your specialist if you are awaiting surgery.

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  1. daisy January 17, 2010 7:30 pm

    From someone who has been there:
    Do not trust your doctors.
    If you have the slightest pain in your arms/legs (bones!). Make them check it out THOROUGHLY.

  2. AndyThomas January 20, 2010 6:38 pm

    I hear ya Daisy. I might insist on a scan at my next check up in May. I’m just lucky knowing that my Onc in the UK is one of the well respected ones for RCC

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