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Sorry folks to go off the kidney cancer agenda  but I have to tell you this news – which is also about a Group of Cancer patients trying to get their voice heard  in the NHS…..
Statement from  Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly Cancer Patient and Carer Group – Chair Rose Woodward 


Andy Burnham agrees to an independent  Review into  specialist cancer services centralisation .




The Independent Reconfiguration Panel late yesterday agreed to the request from Cornwall’s  cancer patients   to carry out a full review  into the way the decisions to transfer specialist cancer surgery from Cornwall to Devon have been taken.  Cancer patients , their families and supporters are delighted that, at last, someone has listened to the views of those who really matter – the patients.


Rose Woodward,  Chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Cancer Patient and Carer Group who has led the campaign for patients and public to be consulted when decisions are taken about their cancer treatment said ” This decision by Mr Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health totally vindicates  what cancer patients have been saying for the past two years,  all we have ever asked for is to be treated fairly. Why  has taken Ministerial intervention and two years  of distress and worry  for this to be recognised by the local NHS ? Rose  said “I hope when this inquiry publishes it’s findings, everybody will be open and honest with the inquiry panel and we  will finally get some straight answers about why this was allowed to happen.  Patients in Cornwall are passionate about the NHS, we have to be because we are the ones who  bear the brunt when it goes wrong. Of course we want the best treatment possible but we want it here in Cornwall; what works in London & other cities does not work in Cornwall.”


In January  the local NHS went ahead and transferred more cancer surgery services to Derriford in advance of the Secretary  of States decision. Patients are now forced to travel to Plymouth but they  still haven’t got the extra support they were promised. Cancer Patient Groups in Cornwall are asking for  patients  to have the choice  of care  in Cornwall if that is what they want. A spokesman for the Keep Cancer Care in Cornwall Campaign said ” The local NHS should now  have the good grace while the independent review is being carried out, to allow cancer patients who want to stay in Cornwall, close to their loved ones, to choose Treliske Hospital for their surgery . At the moment cancer patients can choose anywhere in the entire Country for surgery  except our local Hospital - it’s a total nonsense” 



In their recommendations, the Independent Reconfiguration Panel members agreed with all the issues cancer patients have been raising. The panel also accepted people in Cornwall were worried about the implications of this change on the future of other local nhs services, including other rare cancers. 



Cancer Patients and families thank their County Councillors who were not prepared to accept the empty words of the local NHS at the County Council meeting on the 10th December 2009 and voted to ask the Secretary of State to intervene.  We  hope  local NHS organisations will now understand the depth of feeling that exists  about centralising services out of Cornwall  and use the chance offered by this  high level independent review, to work in partnership with  patients and rebuild the trust which has been so badly damaged over the past two years. The Cancer Patient Group  would like to especially thank the 32,000 people  in Cornwall who signed the Cancer Patient Petition asking for a  proper consultation, it is their support that has kept us going. 

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    Good Stuff Rose!

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