Kidney Cancer Arch to Arc cycle ride reaches over 50% of target!!

Well, I got into a little bother yesterday for publishing yesterday’s blog so I’ll stick to a topic I know I’m safe with :) (it will be re-published later)

The great news is the Arch to Arc cycle ride has reached well over 50% of the £20,000 target and we’ve still got a lot of time left.  Keep up the good work everyone! This is really going to make a difference.

Cycle Weekly have kindly donated a number of copies of one their latest editions which contains a pretty good training plan to get people from 0 miles to 100 miles in a day.  We’ll be sending these out shortly to each of the riders along with a registration form that we want everyone to complete.

On the sporty front I’m getting more than a little nervous about the Cross Country Ski marathon in a few weeks time, I don’t feel anywhere near enough ready for it.  I just wish we could have some more time in the snow before we go.  Other people are doing seeding marathons before the event and our Austria marathon seems a long time ago now.  I keep on telling myself that it’s not a race and if I dont complete it this year it doesn’t matter and there’s always next year.

However, at least I feel my cycling’s getting better.  I even dug out my birthday card from my sister this morning to give me some motivation.

The Birthday Card

It was great to receive this, much as I hate the Moon Pig adverts the output is great.

I’m pretty much ready to do the exploratory ride to Paris and it’s just a case of picking the right few days now. Hopefully next week, but we’ll see, it’s very dependant on a few commitments I have and the weather.

So there we are, a short update.  Just a few more riders to confirm and sign up now and then we’re off!

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