Six-Month CT Scan looming on the horizon!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated the blog.  Maybe it shows that I have been getting on with my life.

I am involved with the suvivors sub-committtee for this years Relay for Life, and the friend I made at last year’s relay is with me on that, which is great.  I find it is good to have  someone to talk to about your concerns.

My last scan in August showed no change, the suspected hemangioma’s on the right liver are still there, just watching for changes.  My Creatinine was down to 98.. and then later down to 95.. so am having another blood work in a few weeks so will see where it is at then.  I have my scan mid February, and then see my consultant in Halifax on March 5th.  Have decided to go see my own GP to get the report before seeing the consultant, so I don’t drive myself crazy with wondering. 

My husband has a birthday the following week, so since the 5th is a Friday, we are making a weekend break of the trip to Halifax.  Just hope that the news is good not to spoil the excitement over the weekend away.

We have had a busy year, working on a house we bought the summer of 2008, just before my diagnosis.. and over that winter all the pipes burst, while we pretended it didn’t exist. So this year we have been fixing up all the damage, and hoping to move fairly soon.  I found being busy stops me thinking too much about the cancer.  

We have a hoop-house (Polytunnel) to put up at the end of winter so we can start growing our own food again,  and a chicken house to build, and get a cockrel and some chickens to join us there.

I have an Uncle in Wales in his 70′s that had what seemed like symptoms of a stroke on New Year’s morning, then a week later a similar event.. and subsequently a scan showed a brain tumour, and that is out (80%) and now facing either chemo or radiation therapy. I feel very lucky to have had my kidney out at a point where the tumour was still encapsulated within the kidney.  I know we all deal with what is thrown at us, and find the strength to do so, but very glad that I have not had to face that yet.

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  1. AndyThomas February 1, 2010 8:00 pm

    Hey Gemma!

    Great to see you back on here again, and also so glad to see thing have been going well and that it was all encapsulated! However was sorry to hear about your Uncle


  2. Rose Woodward February 2, 2010 4:25 pm

    hello Gemma, lovely to get an update from you and hear all your news, keep in touch, the forum is going pretty well now and we met our KC Canadian friends at our patients day last year, Debbie & Tony were such a hit over here.

    Take care of yourself, Rose Woodward xx

  3. Gemma A.S. February 2, 2010 5:21 pm

    Thanks Rose, Deb was very helpful when I was first diagnozed, and full of advice after the fact. They do wonderful work with advocacy. They have webcasts quite regularly, so although I have never met her, when you have listened to the webcasts, you feel you know people.

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