Today’s BBC lead health story not about Afinitor/Kidney Cancer,but “Does my bum look big in this?”……

Well I suppose it would be arrogant of me to presume that the leading headline on the health section of the BBC’s website would be about N.I.C.E.s disgraceful denial of Afinitor as a second line treatment for Kidney Cancer patients, however I was rather hoping that it would at least feature somewhere on the BBC Health news, but no.

The great thing though is that they’ve given us a smashing example of how we waste our money in the NHS on trivia that nobody cares about and yet deny valuable life extending drugs that do matter.   Not much logic going on from what I can see. 

So what’s the waste I was talking about?  Well apparently we all care deeply about “backless hospital gowns” and how our dignity is compromised by these odious garments. I have to admit that was the first thing on my mind as I was carted off to theatre for my Kidney Removal (nephrectomy), it certainly wasn’t the fear of maybe not coming out of it, or the fear of a cancer diagnosis, oh no, the fist thing I thought was …“Does my bum look big in this?” (and for those of you wondering, yes it did look big …… very big!)

The Offending Article

Sorry to make a joke of this but come on the BBC what were you thinking? yes it’s an interesting(‘ish) article, but not one mention of  N.I.C.E.s decision today on Afinitor anywhere on either the UK section or the health section of the website?  In an ideal world we’d have an NHS system with enough cash floating around to chuck away on “nice to haves”, but somehow I don’t think we’re there yet.

Maybe I’m doing old “Auntie” an injustice and there is mention of the decision on their website, in which case I apologise unreservedly, and anyway thanks for pointing out that Ann Keen (Health Minister) sees this as a burning issue.  That £25,000 you gave to the design council for the gowns could have funded 5 cycles of Afinitor for a patient……. Nice one Ann!!

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