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For a long time now several of us who are trying to raise the profile and knowledge of Kidney Cancer have been talking together and swopping our trials and tribulations. Well, last year a few of us got together to try and get equity in treatment options, drugs and strength in numbers  to help argue our case with regulators and manufacturers – we want to improve the availability of clinical trials, get consistent information across Country borders and be able to support each other when we are looking at new KC research, treatment, funding etc.

so…… this letter is from those of us who have put together a steering group to make this dream of a stronger and united coalition into reality; The International Kidney Cancer Coalition.

Please let me know what you think of the idea, we now have several other patient groups in different Countries who have joined us. We have extended invitations to all the Kidney Cancer Organisations  to join us and make our voice louder and stronger….

IKCC – An Open Letter to the Kidney cancer Community  - click to veiw the actual letter in this  PDF  file or scroll down for   simple text version.

An Open Letter to the Kidney Cancer Community

Bad Nauheim, Germany, the 8th of March 2010

Dear Patients, Caregivers, Patient Group Leaders, Medical Experts, and Industry Sponsors:

This open letter is about the beginnings of IKCC, an international network of kidney cancer patient groups, along with background information about funding of this initiative.

What are the objectives of IKCC?
IKCC stands for International Kidney Cancer Coalition. It will be a network of independent kidney cancer patient support groups from around the world. The organization was born from a strong desire among various national patient groups to network, cooperate, and share experiences.

IKCC will be a supplement to existing organizations, and we hope to future ones as awareness of kidney cancer grows around the world. Our aim is to network efficiently, to share information, to develop and promote best practices in patient support and patient advocacy, and to meet unmet needs expressed by the various groups. All kidney cancer groups are welcome, as are individuals interested in starting advocacy and support groups in their own countries.

Why an international coalition?
Experience with other rare cancers proves this type of international network is valuable, supportive and inspiring. Most cancer associations, especially for rare cancers, have limited resources. It makes absolute sense to share information, to cooperate, and to work on similar projects together. Some examples of successful international coalitions:
• International Lymphoma Coalition – a worldwide network of lymphoma groups
• International Brain Tumour Alliance – an international brain tumour advocacy group
• Myeloma Euronet – European network of 42 groups from 20 countries
• Sarcoma Patients EuroNet Association – European coalition of 17 groups from 13 countries

The preliminary mission of IKCC is, “Networking, collaborating, and advocating on a global level to better support patients in each nation.” We believe that together we will be able to speak as one voice to expert panels and to the industry on behalf of many kidney cancer patient support groups.

How will IKCC be funded?
IKCC’s funding policy is based on the well-known “Code of Practice Between Patients’ Organisations and the Healthcare Industry” of ECPC, the European Cancer Patient Coalition. ECPC is a well-established organization comprising over 300 European national and international cancer patient organizations that have adopted the code of practice. IKCC already adheres to this code. After registration as a legal entity, IKCC will be a member of ECPC. In the meantime, each organization involved in IKCC is governed by the rules of transparency and ethical relations within their own country.

Our first conference – May 14-16, 2010:
The main objectives of the conference in Frankfurt are to learn more from each patient organization and to evaluate the future objectives and role of IKCC.

All the work for the conference has been done on a voluntary basis alongside our regular work for our national organizations. To cover costs for a global conference, we asked various pharmaceutical companies to support this international project with unrestricted educational grants. We are pleased to have their support. When agreements are finalized, we will publicly announce all sponsors in accordance with the ethical demands of full transparency in funding.

In conclusion:
IKCC will be a friendly, positive, welcoming organization centering on a common cause: Every day we see patients dying from kidney cancer. We would like to do all we can to achieve the best support, care, and treatment for kidney cancer patients and their families everywhere in the world.

With best regards on behalf of the IKCC Steering Committee:
Dr. Marion Beier (DE), author
Markus Wartenberg (DE), author
Other members:
Tony Clark (CDN)
Vandana Gupta (IND)
Deborah Maskens (CDN)
Andrew Wilson (UK)
Rose Woodward (UK)

Association: IKCC Registration pending.
Phone: +49-6032-9492-439

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  1. Kenneth D. Youner MD March 10, 2010 12:00 am

    As a 7 year survivor of stage 4 clear cell renal cancer, and Medical director of Action to Cure Kidney Cancer, I applaud your efforts to bring global unity to the battle against kidney cancer. Unity is strength, Knowledge is Power, Attitude is everything (Livestrong Credo)

  2. rose woodward March 10, 2010 3:09 am

    thank you so much Ken, good credo !!
    It will be great to have such a well respected organisation like Action to Cure Kidney Cancer in the coalition.The reaction has been really positive, it has touched a chord with most poeple. We all want the same things and with so much knowledge, enthusiasm, support and everyone working together, I know we can make a difference.


  1. Experimental Cancer Drugs March 24, 2010 2:31 am

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