Paris trip Day 2 – Boulogne sur mer to Abbeville

Yowser am I tired, got little if any sleep last night as the day was flying round my head, but I forced myself out of bed with surprisingly few aches and pains.  I expected sore shoulders because of the rucksack, and I wasn’t disappointed, however the great thing is I wont have to wear this for the actual event because we have the support van.

I left the hotel and pedalled my way down to the  ferry terminal, checked in at about 5:30am (as requested), and went to the front of the queue and waited …. and waited, only to discover the ferry was delayed by at least an hour.  No rain thankfully but it was cold just standing about.  I did have one of those bizzarre meetings you have in life, I met Wolfgang Stars from my Dresdner days (head of risk) so at least that passed the time.

Eventually they let me on the boat at around 7:10am.  It arrived around 12 noon so immediately I was on the back foot to try and make up some time.  Boulogne is not a bad little town in the old parts and I found a nice little bike shop so I could replace my cleats, like an idiot I forgot to get my back light fixed and that would come back to bite me later in the day.

Getting out of Boulogne was quite hilly but then it was flatish for a while and then the hills started again.  Tired from yesterday and now with a streaming cold I struggled to keep going.  For the actual event we’ll need to ensure the van is well stocked with food because I found very few places to eat, a lot of places were shut…..  so I did the whole day on an egg mayonaise sandwich and a pain au chocolat …  not a good move.

The countryside is lovely so we’ll have nice terrain along the way and it was all gentle country roads with very little traffic. With the weather with me most of the day I only got wet a couple of times.

It went a bit wrong around 20 miles from the end.   The garmin decided to take me off down a track that then turned into field tracks …… it is fired!!  so I ended up having to walk a fair few miles to get back onto the road by which point it was dark. I did cycle a bit but with a broken light but I was getting quite a bit of grief from passing drivers so had to walk again.

Huge relief to arrive at the hotel and to get dinner and a hot bath.

Tomorrow the garmin is fired! the 2.5kg lock is fired! (I’m leaving it here as it’s bruised my hips so badly and it’s slowing me down)

Lets hope the weather holds and I can crack on tomorrow! There is a cycle shop in Abbeville so I’ll swing by there in the morning….. sadly it doesn’t open til 10am … shucks I’ll have to lie in :)  Hope the cold goes.

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