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It’s been an interesting few weeks for me since I came back from my trip from France. I dont seem to have had the chance to stand still and it looks like my days of unemployment are coming to an end (shame). I start a new job on monday as a part-time consultant/contractor. Now part-time to me means 3 days a week, but I suspect they may want a little more out of me initially, but I’m so lucky to have found a part-time position that I’m more than willing to take the rough with the smooth.

On the Arch to Arc front we’ve got another addition to the riders bringing our total up to 15 which I think is fantastic for the first year, and even better we’ve reached over 80% of our target of £20,000 which I think is absolutely amazing at this stage, so yet again a big thanks to all the riders who’ve been plugging away.  Looking at all the facebook pages and blogs training has started in earnest for most of us …. only 2 months now!! Having done it once I’m really excited about doing it again in a group, it’ll be great fun.

I’m going for a cycle with Trevor Coultart (one of the riders) this evening which should be a giggle, he’s set the course so I’m in his hands.  I seem to be raising my average speed gradually but I have to admit I’ve been playing more music and generally fiddling around at home …. I really should have being out there on the bike.

On the Kidney Cancer front it’s also been exciting times, with the election looming Cancer is getting a good press as the parties jockey for position, if you want to see some of the news and how hard the likes of Clive Stone and Rose Woodward have been working then check out this link and you can read through a selection of press items.  I received a typically patronising letter back from my current MP when I asked for help on the Afinitor issue (so I know where my votes NOT going).

It’s also worth noting that the Kidney Cancer Association (one of the Kidney Cancer groups based in the USA) are coming over this year to hold a Patient Day and the James Whale Fund welcomes them to the UK.  I would suggest you make a note in your diary if you want to attend. It will be interesting to see a different perspective and how they are dealing with this in the US.

Some exciting news is that they’ve unearthed a Kidney Cancer Urine test that potentially identifies certain proteins that can indicate the presence of Kidney Cancer, this will be a big leap forward and should mean early diagnosis is quick and simple cutting down on the number of deaths each year.  Kidney Cancer is known as a silent killer in that symptoms dont often display themselves until the later stages of the disease, and it can often be too late, if caught early enough surgery is usually all you need and this Urine test will go a long way to helping …. so bring it on!!

It’s going to be a busy summer in the world of Kidney Cancer in the UK so watch this space and the news feed on the James Whale Fund web-site to find out what’s going on.

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  1. Trevor Coultart April 15, 2010 10:30 pm

    And what a lovely ride it was, Andy. I’ve written it up on my blog here: http://wp.me/pfGbt-eM

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