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It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, however it’s been a very busy time for me having just started a new job.  My focus has been elsewhere, however it hasn’t stopped me training and getting myself ready.

The biggest pain I’ve had to deal with is thinking I’d be able to commute to my new job and have a safe place to put my bike, sadly no …..  so I’ve had to purchase a foldaway bike that I can keep by my desk.  I’m amazed at how good it is, clearly it’s not quite as fast as my road bike, but it’s pretty close and has the same riding position.  So I’ve done 120 miles on it this week!

I’ve also got a couple of big rides coming up, the Wantage to Winchester and the London to Brighton.  Both of these are around 50 miles so will be great warm ups for the London to Paris, and dont forget that those of you on the team that want to get together, we have the 22nd May to look forward to.  I hope that everyone on the team has been busy building up their mileage, it’s not long now before the big event.

Jane, my wife’s, been busy and completed the London Marathon in an impressive 4hrs 20mins for the James Whale Fund

London Marathon 2010

Quite a day, I’ve never been to one before and it’s great to see London with no cars.  I might try for it myself next year if I can summon up the energy to do all that training.

The Arch to Arc fund raising is going very well, we’re getting really close to our £20,000 target and it’s made me think that it’s time to start contemplating 2011.

It may seem a little early to start planing the next ride, but to be honest I’d like to see if we can get 50 riders signed up next year.  I’ll be creating a facebook page inviting people to sign up so for those of you who missed out this year and want to be part of it in 2011 then now’s your chance.  Just get in touch with me.

To bring the need of raising awareness a little closer to home for me an ex-work colleague of mine sadly passed away this week of Kidney Cancer (so I’ve been told).  It was a total shock to us and I dont think many of us even knew he’d been ill.  Such a shame, he was a great guy and well liked, and so young.  My heart goes out to his family.

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  1. Rose Woodward May 2, 2010 8:50 pm

    Andy – please say to Jane I think this is just wonderful and what a great time….. I think if I had my photo taken at the end of that I would be on my knees, come to think of it I would be on my knees after 100 yds !! Well done – we will soon have enough people for a JWF running team ? Thats 3 marathons I know about – have we had anymore ?

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