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I’m in a quandary. I’ve been raising money now for the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer over the past 3 years and I hope I’ve been reasonably successful at it, or at the very least played my part .  The Arch to Arc Cycle Ride is clearly the one thing that I can point at and call an achievement, yes it would have been nice to have had a few more riders this year however it’s the first time it’s been done and it’s been kept deliberately small this year whilst we find our feet and discover the SNAFUs with a smaller more manageable group.

The great news is for this year, we’ve hit out £20,000 target, which I think for a dozen or so people is an absolutely amazing achievement, so yet again, thanks to everyone on the team, you’ve all been brilliant! and I’m so looking forward to just getting on and doing it in a few weeks time.

It has to be said that no matter how much advice you glean from others that have run these types of events it’s still a learning experience when you do it.  It’s a bit like riding a bike really, you can be told exactly what to do and how to do it, but it still takes a while to find your balance once you get on.  I know there maybe some folks that felt it might have been best if we’d gone with a larger group.  Well, we did take that into consideration but the Fund really wanted to do this for themselves, and I can see why.  If you go with a larger group of charities you’re diluting the message you want to get across.  It does mean the growth and learning curve is going to be steep, but the net result, we hope, is that we have an event that is wholly specific to Kidney Cancer…. “from little acorns” as they say.

So what’s my quandary?  Well, it’s that steep growth curve I want to achieve.  There are two things that concern me.  One is personal:

  • How do I raise £2000/£3000  year on year? How do I go back to my friends and colleagues each year asking again and again? It’s a big ask.  Everyone has been very generous and I get a sense that people get “Giving Fatigue” … I know I do.

So what do I do?  Do I get a new set of friends? …. well that’s not terribly logical and I’m quite happy with the ones I’ve got.  However, if I can’t keep on asking for their money maybe I need to engage people in a different way and ask them to push the event harder on their own Social Networks i.e. Friends of Friends. That’s one way I guess, but I sense the message will get more and more diluted the further the degrees of separation.

I think the real answers for me are four fold

  1. I need to engage local business more than I’ve done so far and get out there and pound the streets a bit.  It’s the annual donations that will really make a difference.
  2. Look at doing little mini-events like Curry nights or maybe even mini-cycle events.  We could look at creating a James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer Sportif around the Watford area (or Cambridge where the charity’s based)
  3. Try and engage the Social networking wizzards like JP to see if they have ideas on how you can mobilise an army of twitter & facebook friends/followers
  4. Make sure that we publicise what the charity will be using this money for and how it can help patients and their families.  I’ve often been asked that question this year, especially from those people who work in a health related profession.  I can’t tell you how important that is, there are quite a few people out there that are reticent to give because they’re not sure if the money will be used wisely.

My seconnd quandry is less personal but still relevant to the first one:

  • How do we attract up to 200 people onto this event, year on year?  What’s the hook?  What will make people choose the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer instead of something else?

I really don’t have any real answers to this, but plenty of ideas

  • Clearly, we’re going to have to make it good … year on year.
  • Get each of the major cycle shops (like Evans and Cyclesurgery) to put adverts up on their web-sites and in their shops
  • Advertise in the cycle trade journals
  • Write articles for one of the trade journals on this years event

However what I really want to do is to tap into the family and friends of Kidney Cancer patients.  I think this is where we could make this event a really special thing.  I love the fact that as a Kidney Cancer survivor myself I can give back by taking on this type of challenge, and there has to be more folks like me that feel the same way.  I have my health, which is the one thing I can give.  If you’re in the US or anywhere else in the world this could be a great way of tying it into a European holiday.

So to all you fellow survivors or patients, pass this message onto you nearest and dearest, and to your friends.  See if they want to come along to next year’s event.  Lets see if we can grow this event into something really special.

If anyone has good ideas or ways to push this then please let me know, I could use all the help I can get!

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  1. Helena Britsch May 28, 2010 11:58 am

    I admire your energy etc. Andy, but I am just not in your league.

    It’s all too much for me at the moment.

    There may be many of the RCC people who are in a worse situation than me but I’m sure they all appreciate and adnmire you too.

  2. AndyThomas May 28, 2010 12:43 pm

    Hi Helena,


    Hang in there and I hope things get easier for you

    Bestest, and have a good long weekend


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