NHS use surplus £1.7 Billion to pay off managers

NHS to use four years of unspent taxpayers accumulated funds totalling £1.7 BILLION to pay for managers’ redundancy packages and restructure costs whilst cancer patients continue to be denied life-extending drugs and are left to die with no effective treatment!

Contrary to what we have been led to believe the NHS has in fact carried forward massive “underspends” for at least 4 years whilst all the time denying cancer drugs as “too costly” and subjecting many very ill patients to callous processes (which vary between PCTs) of having to plead for drugs to stay alive longer. It now appears that the DoH will be using these unspent taxpayers/stakeholders funds for lining their own pockets with enormous redundancy payments based on already over inflated salaries (more than 300 NHS people earn more than the Prime Minister – according to the Daily Telegraph) after having stashed cash away over the years by denying patients drugs. You couldn’t make this up!!!

Here is the Evidence

Health Service Journal reports 13th July 2010
“NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson has warned the Department of Health may seize control of the 2 per cent it told primary care trusts to set aside for “non-recurrent” spending this financial year.
The requirement to set aside the 2 per cent – approximately £1.7bn – was set out in the original NHS operating framework for 2010-11, published last December.
Sir David told HSJ at the time the funds should be used to “fund the costs of change”, including reconfigurations and redundancies.”

Health Service Journal reports 15th July 2010
“The Department of Health has agreed NHS Employers can use a £1.8m surplus from its core contract “to assist their cash flow and balance sheet position” and has signed a new deal with the organisation.”

BBC Reports 16th July 2010
“The NHS in England has set aside nearly £1.7bn this year for reorganisation – more than seven times what it aims to save on management, the BBC has learnt. The fund – held back from the front line – will help pave the way for GPs to take over budgets from managers.
NHS boss Sir David Nicholson said it was there to kick-start the process.”

Letter to all NHS Chief Executives dated 13th July 2010, from Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS, states
“(a) Increasing financial transparency and consistency
Within those requirements we will strengthen our assurance mechanisms during the interim period to keep a tight grip on finances and to standardise our mechanisms for system management. This will include specific monitoring and accounting for:

• financial support for named organisations;

the detailed application of the 2% non-recurring funds to support delivery of change;

Whilst NICE continue to ration effective cancer drugs using their unfathomable formulae, we have no alternative but to lobby this new government to bring forward the promised Cancer Drugs Fund before it becomes too late for many more patients. Why should cancer patients continue to be denied effective drugs due to cost alone when many ineffective so-called managers are escaping with huge payoffs at our expense!!

You wouldn’t treat a dog like this and at least they have the RSPCA!!

Clive Stone
Founder – Justice for Kidney Cancer Patients
16th July 2010

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  1. Rose Woodward July 16, 2010 11:05 am

    Well Said Clive – I totally agree, it is simply scandalous. I cannot believe they could deliberately delay giving cancer patients treatment through their drugs fund and we have to wait until APRIL 2011 and yet they look after their own managers in this way.

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