A long time since my last blog……

It’s been ages and ages since I last write a blog but I’ve been so busy just settling down into my new job, riding bikes, buying dogs, roller-skiing and trying to sleep that there hasn’t been time.

However I thought it would be worth publishing the Arch to Arc video so you can all see what it was like, and hey it might even encourage some of you to sign up for it next year ………. Here it is!

Arch 2 Arch London/Paris Cycle from Laurence Cameron on Vimeo.

I think Laurie has done a great job, just about the right length.

The roller-skiing has started again in ernest, which is a good thing since I’ve put on so much weight since the bike ride… Crazy given all the cycling, running and skiing I’ve done, but at least you now know why there’s a pie shortage in Southern England.

Lots of exciting things have been going on at the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer over the past couple of months. I’ll try and make an effort to write about them shortly, things like the nurses on-line training course and the Patient Day that’s coming up on the 17th November. Check out the web-site if you want to learn more.

Oh yeah, and here’s a pici of the new hound ….

Hands up who didn’t go Awwww Cute!!! ….. (we’ll see just how cute it remains once she’s destroyed our carpets and furniture).

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