Cancer Charity Remains “Absolutely Confident” of Cancer Drugs….

Here is the latest press releass from the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer with regard to the promised Cancer Fund

Cancer Charity Remains “Absolutely Confident” of Cancer Drugs Pledge
26 August 2010
A leading rarer cancer charity has spoken out at claims that the Cancer Drugs Fund promised by the Government is under threat. The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer has maintained an open dialogue with the Department of Health since Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced last month that an interim drugs fund of £50 million would be made available to cancer sufferers.

Nick Turkentine, Chief Operating Officer for the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer said; “Since the Government pledged that an interim fund would be made available we have seen nothing yet to suggest that this will not go ahead as planned. I think it’s a little too early in the process to be writing off the Cancer Drugs Fund before it has been tested. For the past 4 years we have been pleading in front of jury’s of PCT administrators to allow patients to have proven, innovative cancer drugs that clinicians want to prescribe. We are still optimistic that the emergency drugs fund could save hundreds of lives as long as these clinically led regional panels do not hold up proceedings.”

Rose Woodward, a kidney cancer survivor and Patient Advocate for the Fund added; “I have absolute confidence that the Prime Minister will follow through with his election pledge to cancer patients and that they will be able to access the drugs their Hospital Consultant Oncologists want to prescribe for them. We know the DOH is working hard to make that happen, we have been given details of how the emergency drugs fund will operate and we will be one of the first charities to test out the new system in October for kidney cancer patients denied cancer treatment by the PCT’s.”

“This is our best hope after many years in the bureaucratic wilderness of the NHS. We believe the Government has recognized the plight of cancer patients and the cancer drugs fund is the first step on a difficult road to give cancer patients a much better standard of care and improve our poor survival rates.”

About the Fund: The James Whale Fund is the UK’s leading kidney cancer charity and was set up in 2006 by broadcaster James Whale who lost a kidney to cancer. Today James continues to lead a full and busy life, as do the majority of people who are diagnosed and treated early. Every year almost 7,000 people in the UK learn that they have kidney cancer; that’s over 16 people a day. And yet the condition – the eighth most common cancer among men – rarely attracts much public attention. Our mission at the James Whale Fund is to try and change that.

For more information about The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, please visit or email Freddie Johnson at or call 0845 225 1500.

I think this is the most pragmatic approach, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it comes off.

If you want more information then goto the fund’s web-site.

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