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Just finishing the presentations for the 1st ever International Kidney Cancer Conference for Patient Groups to be held in Frankfurt next weekend…leaving on Thursday and the Conference is Friday , Saturday and Sunday so I will be returning home on Monday…. I think this is going to be so valuable – we have all worked very hard to make it happen and the support has been tremendous.

We have invited every single Kidney Cancer Patient Organisation we know about to attend and we will have representatives from 16 Countries meeting with us;  UK, Germany, Canada, Africa, Australia, India, Eastern Europe, USA  etc and it has been great to see their enthusiasm for the project.  Our leading renal Clinicians have been very supportive of our starting up this type of Coalition  which was desperately needed and we are lucky with those who have chosen to attend and talk to us about their work, This is a patient led patient orientated initiative. We thought of it , we set about making it happen .

 By Patients for Patients about Patients !!

We have a very basic start – up website here… have a look.

Our website is currently under construction – but below you will find the main documents for our Conference EXPANDING CIRCLES.

 I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone, It was wonderful to meet Ken Youner and Jay Bitkower  and Gilles Frydman earlier in the year when we set-up the organising committee.  Markus Wartenburg and Dr Marion Beier have been doing so much work to make this happen.  Deb Maskens and I have been working together on some presentations – quite a double act !!! I joked to say we should hire ourselves out  for wedding, birthdays and BarMitzvahs for fundraising  !!

More to come !

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