James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer at the House of Lords

What an evening! Well done to the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer team for bringing this all together.

This year the world famous singer, composer and piano player Buddy Greco together with this talented singing artist wife, Lezlie Anders were guests at this year’s James Whale Fund Presidents Dinner (Buddy is in the foreground of the picture below with Lezlie standing next to him). We were lucky enough to be sitting next to them and what a charming couple they are. They’ve recently left California to settle in the UK and are still touring and working as much as ever.

You can also see Peter Stringfellow and his wife in the picture with Jane Cure standing between them. Peter Stringfellow made an excellent off the cuff speech to close the evening.

The stars of the evening though have to be Adrian and Jane Cure who gave us a moving talk about their experience of Kidney Cancer and how it has impacted their lives. I think it was an inspired choice to have them speak as it really drove home why we were all there and why the charity needs continued funding. You can see Ade below giving the talk. What was truly inspirational was how they are handling it all, rather than dwell on the negatives of the disease and how it has touched them it was all about the positives and how every day matters. In fact Ade gave a toast to “Life”.

Adrian and Jane have also brought out a 2011 calendar called “Wellesbourne Blooms” in the style of “Calendar Girls” in aid of the James Whale Fund, well worth buying. Beautiful photography and very tastefully done. There is also an accompanying DVD to go along with it on the making of the calendar. If you want to purchase one then visit their web-site here and follow the links. Or you can purchase the calendar direct from the James Whale Fund site here.

A magnificent evening was had by all and again a big thank you to the James Whale Fund for making this happen.

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