James Whale Fund Forging ahead

Make a note of this date in your diary 17th November. Why? Well first off it’s my birthday! But secondly the James Whale Fund is holding another Patient Day and (for the first time) a Nurses Study Day.

It seems a while since the last James Whale Fund patient day, but this one is almost upon us, so if you want to be part of it then make sure you register on-line at The James Whale Fund Web-Site.

The last one was a huge success and this one promises to be even better with more topics and discussions specifically for the patient and carer. I always love these things because it’s a great excuse to meet people face to face, we spend so much of our time on-line and I think it’s so much nicer to know who you’re talking to across the Internet.

I also look forward to hearing about the outcome of the first IKCC meeting (International Kidney Cancer Coalition) it’s good to see other organisations around the world getting round the table to share knowledge and experiences.

On top of the patient day a Nurses Study Day will be held at the same time and location and if you want more details of that then go to The James Whale Fund Web-Site.

There have been lots of fundraising events this year and it’s great to see the money is being put to best use and the focus is fully on the patient with days like these.

I hope to see you all there in November. My special dietary requirement for the day is “Birthday Cake”!

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