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Rose Woodward – www.kidneycancersupportnetwork.co.uk

Last night in Scarborough Fred Binch died. Fred was a kidney cancer patient who was denied treatment by his Primary Care Trust. Fred’s Oncologist wanted to treat him him with a new and effective  drug called Everolimus.  Fred had responded well to previous treatments and his Dr’s  thought he would do so again if he was given the opportunity. But somebody sitting behind a desk in a PCT Office miles from the Hospital deciided they knew better than the  Oncologists and the MDT and they had a meeting and condemned Fred to a premature death all to save £100.00 per week. The difference between the cost of the treatment Fred had been taking and the new treatment they wanted to prescribe for him.

Imagine the last few weeks of your life knowing that a  Group of people have decided you cannot have the treatment  your Dr’s say you need. Someone like Fred didn’t have a cats chance in hell of being able to pay for the drug he needed. yet with  dignity  he just kept on fighting as his  disease  robbed him of his speech and his very life’s breath as a tumour continued to grow  putting pressure on his windpipe.  Cruel beyond understanding. This was  a man  who had worked hard all his life, married his childhood sweetheart, raised a family – lived a “good life”.

He was let down by the very people charged with looking after him. Do they care – do they even know? Fred was just another nameless, faceless statistic. A kidney cancer patient who had the audacity to ask to be  treated.

To me he was a quiet hero.  At peace now.

Rose  x

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  1. Christine Robertson September 2, 2010 1:51 pm

    Makes you wonder. These same people who denied Fred that vital treatment wouldnt give a second thought to spending hundreds of pounds on fudging there personal expenses on trival material items for there own personal pleasure. Why do they spend so much money funding research in to looking for cures and then denying it to the needy. Why??? I betcha David Cameron wouldnt deny it to one of his relatives if they needed it. Our Goverment is a sham and the sad fact is – it will never change. RIP Fred.

  2. AndyThomas September 2, 2010 3:17 pm

    Between now and 2015 they are predicting a £30 Billion claw back from the money they spent bailing some of the UK banks.

    They didn’t predict this huge claw back initially, infact they predicted nothing like that figure. In principal that money belongs to the UK taxpayer….. I’d love to know how they’re going to pay this back to us.

    One would hope they’d use it to help fund the vital resources Fred had a right to but was denied. So, we’ve invested in the Banks, now we’d like to reap some of the reward from that investment. Cameron deserves a nudge on that question i.e. Where will that money go?

  3. karen in ottawa canada September 3, 2010 1:44 am

    I hope each and every one of you in the UK are writing, phoning, harrassing every politician you can, tellling Fred’s story and demanding that this NOT be allowed to happen ever again! They need to have it made personal to them. Each country has it’s own problems with health care and funding issues, but the citizens need to continue to voice their outrage – don’t ever let it get ‘old’ – keep at it – eventually someone will listen, someone will care. My condolences to Fred’s family and friends.

  4. Sharon, Edinburgh September 5, 2010 8:18 pm

    I humbly applaud your tireless efforts on behalf of others. I am so desperately sorry to hear of Fred’s story, it is completely heartbreaking. Thank god for you and the like-minded others who continue to fight for the right of NHS patients in the UK to have some positive options when faced with devastating prognosis. My deepest sympathy to Fred’s family and friends.

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