The James Whale Fund speaks out on the New Interim Cancer Fund

Good to see that the James Whale Fund is keeping the pressure on for Kidney Cancer patients across the UK.

James Whale said “Today’s launch of the Interim Cancer Drugs Fund offers a
ray of hope to kidney cancer patients, many of whom are in the depths of
despair because they have been denied cancer treatment by their local NHS
Primary Care Trusts. We applaud the creation of this Cancer Drugs Fund, but
we need to know the Fund really will do what the Prime Minister told us it

Rose Woodward, herself a survivor of kidney cancer and Patient Advocate for
the Fund said they had spent the weeks since the announcement of the interim
Cancer Fund trying to find out from NHS managers how cancer patients could
access the millions of pounds in the Fund. Rose said ” we have kidney
cancer patients lined up waiting to be told how this Drugs Fund will
actually work. At the moment it is another hurdle for patients to jump over
at a time when they are ill & deeply distressed We are told patients still
need to be refused twice by PCT’s before their Doctors can apply to the
Drugs Fund. This is not good enough – the NHS needs to get it’s paperwork in
place before raising patients hopes.

It really is great that the Interim Fund is there to help patients but they need to be very clear on how patients can access the fund and not raise hopes. Patients have spent too long battling against the PCT’s at a time when they need help. Please let’s put a stop to this and make it work.

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