What’s new in Nova Scotia?

It has been so long since I posted to my blog, I don’t even know if this is still active as a site. Someone please tell me if I should be starting a bog somewhere else.

The latest news is that both scans this year have been clear.  My Creatinine is down to 90 and eGFR up to 57. I was seeing a Nephrologist for a few months, who was watching my cholesterol, but that is now down under 2 so he did not want to see me again.

I have however been laid off just over a week ago, and didn’t see it coming. I have immigration issues, and can’t work anywhere else, and my not get unemployment.

I am using my time wisely I hope, taking care of my chickens, cockerels  just learning to crow.. oh and I have a DVD called punch up your walk, and am building up to a 4 mile walk every day, exercise I was not getting while working.

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