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Welcome to Kidney Cancer Care UK
James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, the UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity, will be developing this site to provide a variety of information on kidney cancer that is relevant to patients, their families and renal health professionals.

0330 111 2 333
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am – 4pm

Wednesday 10am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 4 – 6pm

You can leave a message or email us outside these times.
This is a free service, but you can make a contribution online

Call charges are the same as for geographical landline numbers, even from a mobile phone.
What is Kidney Cancer Careline?
It is a telephone helpline providing information, support and encouragement to kidney cancer patients, their carers and families. It became active on 10 March 2011, World Kidney Day.

Who will I speak to?
Members of our friendly and helpful patient support team are all cancer patients or nurses. They all have firsthand experience of cancer and knowledge of the kidney cancer treatment pathway. They are happy to talk with you and offer help and support based on their personal experience of living with cancer.

How will it help me?
Our Careline provides the means for patients to make contact with someone who knows exactly how you might be feeling; this understanding and empathy from another patient can provide a great deal of comfort during your cancer journey.
We know that if you are a patient or a family member of someone who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, one way to make life easier is to speak to someone in a similar position. Our Careline can also provide information about the process for accessing the latest treatments for kidney cancer, some of which are not routinely funded by the NHS. We can guide patients and their families through this process, as well as providing information about government funding schemes, such as the Cancer Drugs Fund.

Is there any other support you can offer?
If you would prefer to write to us, here’s our address
James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer
46-48 King Street
Cambridge CB1 1LN
And you can always email our patient support team or you can join other patients and carers on our kidney cancer patient support network

Would you like to share your experiences?
If you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer, have received surgery, or have cared for someone with the condition and would like to share you experience with others, please let us know by email or by calling 0330 111 2 333.

We’re here to help you now – and in the

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Walk for A Cure Urgent plea for motor home

A WELLESBOURNE woman who lost her husband to kidney cancer is in urgent need of a motorhome to help with a fundraising challenge.

Jane Cure and her brother Andy Coleman are preparing to walk 144 miles from Birmingham to London to raise funds for the James Whales Fund for Kidney Cancer in memory of her late husband Adrian, who died in March this year.

He and his wife had raised £35,000 for the cause since his diagnosis four years ago and Mrs Cure is determined to carry on supporting the charity.

But she and Mr Coleman have not yet managed to secure the loan of a motorhome or similar vehicle, which they will need to transport their luggage, food and refreshments along the way and provide them with a place to stay each night.

They begin their walk, which they are calling Walk for A Cure, on Wednesday August 31 and aiming to reach London on Saturday September 3 and to raise £10,000. People are welcome to join them along the way at any point on the route.

Anyone who is able to loan Mrs Cure and Mr Coleman a motorhome should immediately email waney@talk21.com

To sponsor the pair or find out more about their challenge, visit acureonline.com/walk-for-a-cure

To find out more about the charity, visit www.jameswhalefund.org

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