Kidney Cancer Lottery

Kidney Cancer Monthly Lottery launched
24 August 2012

The new Kidney Cancer Monthly Lottery has helped to raise the issue of the life-threatening disease to a nationwide audience.

Set up by the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer organisation, the scheme aims to make members of the public big-money winners while also helping individuals who are battling kidney cancer.

This is because the Kidney Cancer Monthly Lottery is designed to assist the funding of the Patient Benefit Grant.

It is important to note that while the grants do not cover medications of treatment programmes, they do help a person to ease their hardship when they have to pay for fuel, travel, care or retraining during their rehabilitation.

People who enter into the draw will need to pay £4.50 per ticket per month, with one winning number drawn on the last Friday of every month. The winning ticketholder will then receive a cash prize in proportion to the number of entries for that draw.

This sum is split between 40 per cent as a cash prize and 60 per cent being given to the Patient Support Grants programme.

James Whale, the founder and chairman of the James Whale Fund and a kidney cancer survivor himself, commented: “We hope that many kidney cancer patients will directly benefit from this new initiative of the fund and look forward to our lottery launch being well supported.

“The aim of the lottery is to have the chance to give something back to those that are generous enough to donate.”

For people still unaware of the symptoms, effects and treatment options of kidney cancer though, here is a guide into the life-threatening disease.

Defining kidney cancer

There are several forms of kidney cancer which human beings can suffer from, with transitional cell cancers affecting the ureters, renal pelvis and the bladder, and Wilms’ tumour cancer only developing in children.

However, the most common form of kidney cancer is renal cell cancer, which is caused from a cell in a kidney tubule becoming cancerous.

When the kidney concerned develops this tumour, the organ tends to become larger and there is also a risk that the cancerous cells may grow beyond a kidney’s wall and invade nearby organs and tissues.

As a whole, Cancer Research UK statistics reveal that kidney cancer is the sixth most common cancer diagnosed in men across the UK, as well as the ninth most common in women.

Symptoms to look out for in kidney cancer development

One of the best ways to prevent kidney cancer from developing to a dangerous degree is to recognise the symptoms and seek medical attention immediately if concerned.

The most important symptoms to be aware of is identifying blood in the urine and finding a lump or swelling around the area of the body where the kidneys are located

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