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I have finally relented to the new blog format… you have me… I cant go through life without my usual rants!! so here goes.

Christmas was quiet, presents were few but life is good!! I have a plan for the new year to make the rotting apple in my brain go away and give me a chance to move forward so I am getting together a small committee of cancer patients from Haywood House Day care centre and we are going to change the way patients at the City Hospital in Nottingham are given the news they have terminal cancer and make sure that the staff at the hospital do it in a prepared way.  Its become apparent to me talking to others that I am not the only one who has “slipped through the cracks” when it comes to being treated in a humane way so if we can change the way this news is delivered to patients in our own hospital we could create a proforma for all hospitals in the future. I feel so strongly that patients should not be left for weeks with this terrifying news with nowhere at hand or no-one at hand to help them in the first few weeks.  It is not good enough to just leave them adrift looking for their own information. So.. this is my plan..I know some hospitals already do this preparation and have a good standard of communication but they are few and far between and I feel it should be of a good standard in EVERY hospital!!!.  But we will start small with our own hospital first then move on.

Let me know if you have any good ideas to help build a template for a standard document that can be the starting point for the way patients should be told of their limited future. If anyone knows how a cancer patient feels they should be helped through this difficult period in their illness it is patients who have already had to deal with it. I personally cannot come to terms with how I was treated and I feel the only way forward for me is to change the system to incorporate more communication tools and to be handled with a little more compassion.

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This post was written by Lizzyd57 on December 27, 2008